From March 18 2016 till September 2 2016 the triptych "Last Judgement day" will be exposted at Museum Slager, Choorstraat 8  Den Bosch. It is the only opportunity tot see the triptytych in public. Take a peek at .



In 2015 a new triptytich was painted :  "LAST JUDGEMENT DAY"  



The artist holds the record of the smallest painting. Thats why a detail of the triptych is placed.






At the end of 2014  Jean Thomassen won the prestigious Palm Art Award. This award is an annual prize. Jean was elected out of 313 competitors from 38 countries. 





Major drs. Hans Romeyn pins the award of  "Ridder van Oranje Nassau" on Jean Thomassen's lapel, achieved for his contribution tot the Dutch art of painting.


On Youtube you can see two Jean Thomassen items :  The Story of Maiu Blumberg  en  Last Judgement Day

There is also another website about Jean Thomassen : Genius or Lunatic


For information about the paintings by Jean Thomassen you can contact the painter by e-mail : .